About Us

We are one of the largest growing tech-ed company. We provide corporate and live trainings that include one to one instructor led training, live classes based on individuals need.

CybitLabs is a community of IT professional who want to contribute to the community by helping the ones in need.

With video lessons, live session, interview preparations, certifications we help people succeed. Though we charge people for our live sessions, we keep it minimal. Even if you don’t have money we will provide you free training so that you can succeed.

Money is just a byproduct of success. We earn so that we can donate it to poor.

This way we keep our platform up and keep helping in both ways.

We don’t believe in accumulation of mass wealth. We don’t want to be a millionare or billionare. All we want is to be a good human.



What We're All About

An experience developer mentoring and giving back to its community to grow is what CybitLabs is. People who want to grow in their career want to learn from the ones who are already living their dreams. We help people fulfill those dreams.

Money matters. That is why we help people earn it.

IT is growing like never before. But with growth there is an explosion of technologies and lack of talent. We want to bridge this gap and help people transition from their old fading technologies to new trending technologies.

We charge for our instructor led training but it is minimal. As professional people working as instructors are hard to get we have to keep charging to continue our platform. We offer 100% refund, no questions asked if people are unsatisfied by our service.

If somebody is not able to pay he/she can contact us and we will provide them best support for their career growth. Even if it means free live classes or course material.

Our Vision

Who We Are

"To create a ecosystem where money will flow to all parts of society"

If a person becomes billionare that would mean many families will never cross poverty line. Total national wealth is limited. When a single person gets more it is obvious others will get less.

What if that billionare would periodically distribute his wealth to all sections of society. His one luxury car would bring food to table of thousands. This is what we want to do. We want to  earn so much only to distribute it to the others. We help people to educate by minimal fees. Then use this money to educate or help poor who cannot afford to go to school or earn a days meal. At the end of the day we would rather be driving a bicycle with other kids driving country than driving a Ferrari and hungry kids doing labor. This is our vision. Plain and simple.

Learn From Industry Leaders

A guy who is working day and night on AI will teach you thousands time better than a recorded course. We find those people and get their help to make your learning hassle free

Learn at Your Own Pace

You are not under any timeline. You can rejoin courses as much time as you want. Interview preparation classes till you land a job. Our assistance till you are satisfied.

Professional Certification

Certification is proof of your hardwork. And we provide free professional certification to all our students so that it helps them with job and career.